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Toy Rental Takes Off

23 Dec

Toy Rental Takes Off

The 22nd December saw a momentous occasion for mother of one Alison Chesworth as her new toy rental business officially took off with a charity flying Santa, delivering presents to the children who unfortunately have to spend Christmas in hospital.

Father Christmas and his elf from were flown in to Blackpool Victoria Hospital by Helicopter to make the special delivery and were greeted by excited children at their landing spot; who couldn’t wait to tell Father Christmas how good they had been.

Alison Chesworth from said “It was fantastic to be able to donate toys and make so many children’s day whilst also officially launching ToyBoxLive”

Alison Chesworth is the Managing Director of a new business which was born from her own experience as a first time mother to Theia who is now 18 months old.

“When I was pregnant I had no idea of how much a baby would change my life and that costs would quickly mount up.  Having worked previously in Marketing I was looking for something else to do  that would support being a mother and wondered why no-one in the UK was offering online toy rental.”

From her own experience was born. Alison found that her home was quickly filling up with toys that were only needed for a month or so, but would later no longer be required. Speaking to other mothers this seemed to be a common problem, not only was there huge costs associated with buying new toys every month there was also the issue of space and unnecessary clutter. is an online toy rental service that allows children to learn through play by giving parents the means to choose toys and change them as and when required for a subscription of just £24.99 per month. With no contract parents are able to select toys and once their child has grown out of them or wants something different they simply send them back to the and the new toys they have selected online are sent straight out and delivered to their door.

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Children meeting Santa

23 Dec

Excited children at the landing site


The Landing

23 Dec

ToyBoxLive and Father Christmas transported by


ToyBoxLive and Santa

23 Dec

Pre take off photo

Toy Rental Takes Off

23 Dec

To Rent or Buy

17 Dec


To Rent Or Buy

It’s 18 months ago since I became a first time mum and time has literally flown by. Along with time so has money; spent on toys to keep my little one learning. All of a sudden my house was transformed with colour and toys and I was quickly running out of space.

With space issues and toys that no longer amused, I asked myself the question whether there was an alternative to simply buying new toys, as my buying was getting a little uncontrollable, I just wanted my daughter to have the best opportuntiy to learn and develop through play. I could have continued each week calling into Tesco or the Early Learning Centre picking up new toys that would keep her entertained, but the money in my purse would have soon dried up. Would a rental model for toys work like it has for films? Could Parents, Carers, Grandparents or any other child carer grasp the concept of renting toys instead of buying them?

My first thought was that surely I could find somewhere to rent toys online, but to my surprise nothing existed in the UK market. was born and it has taken 6 months to get the website to where it is now. I’m hoping that the UK public will see the value in renting toys instead of buying. For me there’s so many benefits, no unnecessary clutter, save money, keep your toys changing to encourage development, no unnecessary waste and no more pestering for new toys whilst you are out shopping. makes toy rental and childcare easy and I hope you will join us on our journey.

I’m going to be keeping this blog updated with the latest toys and reviews of toys that will be available from Im also looking forward to hearing of the adventures of the toys from our customers which I will also post on here. Happy Toy Renting

Alison x