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Never ending spending

8 Feb

There is an alternative to never ending spending on children’s toys – Toy Rental

A New TV Series “How to … Prepare for your baby’s arrival” has revealed that first time parents admit to overspending, with one in four admitting to having financial worries after the birth. The study surveyed over 2,000 parents.  It will be a relief to both new and old parents alike that financial freedom can be achieved in the form of toy renting.
With over two thirds of the parents surveyed admitting to the feeling of financial pressure after the birth, needs shouting about, to show parents there is an alternative to unnecessary spending. is the leading toy rental service in the UK which allows parents to choose toys from a huge selection via their website for a low monthly fee of £24.99 per month.

Renting isn’t a new concept in fact it’s been around for many hundreds of years.  Whilst people are used to the idea of renting houses, hire purchase on cars and even hire purchase of goods via catalogues the whole notion of renting toys is alien – well in the UK that is.

Across the Atlantic toy rental has become a part of everyday life, where parents and carers have seen the waste that a child can create and opted for a clean, safe and economical way to indulge and have all the necessities without breaking the bank.

After a child is born you will need a mosses basket which lasts about 6 weeks, the play mat, might be used from three months to six months but then you want to keep your child stimulated and you see another that might just do that, so now you don’t just have one play mat you have two and each one will have cost you in excess of fifty pounds.  Then you decide you need to get rid of it – How are you going to do that?

Then there are the mobiles and cot toys, which may last you slightly longer, and that all important pram suddenly won’t fit in your boot with all the shopping because you just had to buy more toys (You’ll think about how to pay for them later). All the soft toys that you needed for the first three months now seem pretty boring and it’s not just your little one that is fed up with seeing the same toys – you are too.

A few months later and your little one is crawling around and you have to find out what toys are part of their next stage of development and yet again more expense and even more room to find in your house.  No longer do you live in a contemporary palace of elegance you were once proud to call a ‘show home’, you are now wading between unused toys just to reach the kitchen, and the money, well you might as well have thrown it down the drain, that’s assuming you had it in the first place.  It’s a sad story but one I’m sure many a mum will identify with.

Renting toys is pain free, you simply choose the toys you want online and they are delivered direct to your door, when you have had enough of them you simply send them back and new ones are sent straight back out to you. All toys are steam cleaned, then cleaned with an organic antibacterial toy cleaner before being wrapped and sent out.  For less than 85p per day what have you got to lose. photography

5 Feb

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This week has been non stop, with the catalogue of products on our site now fully operational, our second press release sent out, it was time to get our message clear to everyone;  Toy Rental is the way forward to save money, maximise play time with the children and to be eco-friendly.

The excitement started with a mountain of our stock arriving at Sewells House for the photo shoot, to keep our beautiful models entertained and to use as part of our shoot.

We believe’s model of hiring toys should be a magical experience that involves the child as much as the parent.  We understand that parents want their children to be challenged and to be learning every day but we also know that children learn through play and new experiences.  Having this combined ethos offers both parent and child room to grow and develop, eliminating many of the guilt feelings parents have when challenged with financial choices and eco decisions.

We wanted the images to be magical and fun whilst demonstrating the quality and attention to detail that is committed to providing to our customers.

Many companies choose to use manufacturer supplied imagery which is great, however we felt it was important to use our own rental stock and our own images as part of our marketing material to show that our rental toys are kept in pristine condition.

Changing people’s attitudes from buying to renting toys is going to be a challenge, looking at our toys you, your friends or family would never know the difference.  Even when we deliver them they are packaged to look new.

Using will enable you to save the money you would have wasted, which you could then use for that special holiday, to pay off existing debts or to save for your family future.

Michael Sewell did a fantastic job and we are looking forward to our next shoot.

Happy toy renting

A New Toy Story

1 Feb



Imagine a children’s toy box bursting to the brim with thousands of the latest and best toys. Imagine this same toy box takes up no room in your house and even better; imagine this toy box costs less than 85p per day!

Imagine no more… Welcome to

The revolutionary company was setup in June 2011 and allows parents, grandparents and carers to access thousands of new and exciting toys for just one low monthly fee of £24.99 per month. have the UK’s largest selection of innovative fun and educational toys on the market enabling its subscribers to choose the toys they want when they want them. If subscribers want to change their toys they simply request new toys and delivers the new toys straight to their door whilst taking the old ones away. No hassle, no fuss and maximum play!

With all the latest brands including Fisher Price, Early Learning Centre Tomy, Little Tikes, Tolo, Lamaze, Hippychick and Moover this really is the savvy choice.  “Its the LoveFilm for toys” said one happy customer.

Founder and parent Alison Chesworth excitedly says “why spend £500 or more a year on toys when you could spend just £24.99 per month for a supply that never runs out and keeps your child entertained. If your child gets bored of a toy simply pick a new one and we will swap it for you.”

Karla had to work inOxfordfor a few months and rather than struggle moving old tired toys she decided would be the sensible choice “It is a great service, and I can’t thank you enough for your incredible support and assistance in getting the toys to us so quickly”.

Yvette a new mother inHarrogatesays “As a new mother I have to watch every penny so when I heard about I quickly realised it made great financial sense. Rather than wasting hundreds on toys that my child will quickly outgrow, I can have a never ending toy box full of toys that will grow with my child and save me a fortune!”

Renting toys rather than buying them is a new concept in the UK but has taken off massively in America and Asia and is proud to be the leading online toy rental company in the UK.

For further information on ToyBoxLive visit  call 0844 854 2823  or contact Additional images are also available upon request.


ToyBoxLive Ltd was setup in June 2011 by then 27 year old Alison Chesworth has grown to become the UK’s largest online toy rental service. gives you access to thousands of toys for just £24.99 per month. No hassle, no fuss and maximum play!