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Make Time To Play

11 Apr

Make Time to Play

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Syot Retro Racer all packed and ready to go to our customer


My own Leaptop going out to one of our toy rental customers

We are often asked how ToyBoxLive works and the simplest way to describe it, that people seem to be able to grasp is a Love Film for toys.

You simply subscribe for £24.99 per month, choose three toys, when you have had enough or want new toys send them back and we send new ones straight out to you Simples (in the voice of Aleksaendr Orlov from

On that note comparethemeerkat has given people the opportunity to easily compare meerkats, people really should start comparing the market on toys and will quickly see that using a toy library or toy rental service can save up to 75% on the cost of toys for your little ones.  For just £24.99 per month our average toy rental package value is £150.

All our toys look new and I’ve included a picture so you can see just how new they do look.


Toys pakcaged and ready to be sent out to a customer

I’d like to get back onto the subject of play as it fascinates me how much children can learn and develop. All too often we run out of time, have other commitments and forget that our children really need play opportunities.

Creating different experiences and being able to fund this can be costly so rent don’t buy.

Dr Amanda Gummer spokesperson for the British Toy and Hobby Association, BTHA, Make Time to Play campaign agrees: “Play is really important, children learn about the world, they learn through trial and error, through copying and role play and they need this opportunity to develop at all levels.  Between the ages of 0-3 children have very short attention spans and need a variety of toys to keep them occupied however too much choice at once can be overwhelming.”

ToyBoxLive helps parents to save money by renting toys instead of buying them.  There are over 1,000 products available to rent and parents or carers can subscribe for a monthly fee of just £24.99 per month. and the whole concept of toy rental is revolutionising play, put simply it’s a 21st century toy library become a part of it…