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Magnetic Puzzle Cube

22 Oct

Ok, so normally I review childrens toys but a welcome change arrived at ToyBoxLive HQ from Paramount Zone.  The delightful Magnetic Puzzle Cube fits appropriately into the category of cool boys toys and on first looks this small magnetic teaser game looks a doddle. suitable for ages 14+ it is dubbed as super addictive and provides hours of fun.

cool boys toys

The Magnetic puzzle cubes shining good looks and magnetic appeal could fool you into thinking it’s a doddle, but trust me it takes some skill and tact to get this back to what it should be and can become quite an addictive little toy.  The magnetic puzzle cube is slender, sleek, cunning and it oozes sophistication.

I figured I’d take it home get it photographed and share my experience of this gift with you all.  Unfortunately just as I was about to photograph it my husband had taken it out of its glorious case and mangled it all up.  My approach would have been to study its make up and then tell you all how to enjoy it.  What then proceeded was a 45 minute attempt to recreate the lovely cube it once was.

The one thing to note about this toy is that it requires logic and patience hence our 45 minute spectacle.  The second attempt at recreating the cube however was much quicker and more satisfying and only took about 5 minutes.  We had now worked out that the magnetic balls need to be organised into a long line and folded over in lines of six to make the cube.

cool gifts

 If you are looking for cool gifts, a stocking filler or a secret santa gift this magnetic puzzle is a bargain and is currently on offer at half its usual price for just £9.99 from Paramount zone.




Learning maths with a wooden abacus

2 Oct

Wooden Abacus

Now that the office is near enough straight I thought it was about time I got on with writing some more reviews and adding more products to ToyBoxLive.  We have just got this delightful wooden abacus in stock by Plan Toys and it offers lots of play as well as educational value.

The wooden abacus has long been a staple teaching product at nurseries and primary schools, often giving children their first introduction to mathematics.  The abacus has been around for centuries and this corful version will help to introduce children to visualise counting, addition and subtraction.

Each line on this Plan toys wooden abacus has ten colored beads on string that can be easily slid from side to side, it is also bright and will encourage early colour recognition.  With one hundred beads in total your child can really start to get to grips with numbers and mathematics.  Educating your children doesn’t have to be just whilst they are at school you can really help them by making it imaginative and fun using the wooden abacus.

Suitable from ages 3 years – 12 years this toy certainly retains its value and can also be a great way to engage children with additional learning needs who may require a more tactile learning experience.

Instead of cluttering up your house why not add the Plan Wooden Abacus to your toy hire subscription today.

Some other useful details are the measurements of each toy so here are those for the Plan Wooden Abacus…

Width:  27cm
Height: 30cm
Depth:   3cm
Weight: 590grams