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HABA My first Play World Animal Farm

10 Jul

Another gem has arrived at ToyBoxLive HQ in the form of HABA My First Play World Animal Farm

Wooden Animal Farm Play Set

HABA Animal Farm Play Set

We were really surprised not to have seen anything like this before and really feel that HABA are leading the way when it comes to helping parents and carers to engage with their children and learn.

HABA Animal Farm

All parts can be easily packed away

When we first opened the HABA My first World Play Farm we were greeted with a large selection of wooden animal pieces and props to start building your farm set up. The set is suitable for children from 18 months + and has twenty one chunky wooden pieces that are easy for young hands to hold and move around.

We spent numerous evenings getting the box out and organising the animals into different scenes, it was lovely to see my little one making the noises of the animals and talking about what they were going to do, the HABA My First World Play Farm is a great role play toy.

We also talked about how the farmer might spend his day and organised different scenes

HABA My First Animal Farm

Looking at the wooden farm pieces

HABA have really taken into account how the toy might be played with and have included a booklet which gives details of how you can use the toys to engage in different learning styles and different activities. I personally found this a great help and I’m sure those working as nannies, childminders or teachers will be able to easily match it to the Early Years  Foundation Studies framework. The booklet tells you exactly how to play each activity and includes a range of educational benefits which are clearly listed at the beggining of each page.

The booklet supplied with the Animal Farm Set to help you and your child learn

We loved the animal farm so much we decided to take it along with us to dinner one night as it looked stable enough to withstand our outing, however the handle did come out, we simply super glued it back in place and it is still standing up to the test of time, but do bear in mind the handle isn’t as durable as it may seem.

The box that houses the my first world play set is durable and engaging and we have played with it for quite a while.  With the handle it looked as though it was perfect to take out of the house with us but unfortunately the handle broke and we had to fix it with super glue.  Despite this we think it is a fab toy and have added it to the toy library at ToyBoxLive or you can buy it for £35.99 from HABA

The Jet Set Flopsy Bunny

29 May

When we had T the one thing my husband and I agreed on was that we would still do everything that we would have done pre child and this included many of our adventures abroad.

So far our daughter who is only two has become something of a jet setter.

Flopsy Bunny has been one of  T’s favourite teddies since she was born it has always been in her cot since she was about a week old.  When she was about 6 months old she used to rub it’s ears against her face and it helped her to go to sleep.  Just before she turned one it came on a Caribbean cruise with us and then it came skiing to Courchevelle where she took her first steps.  Flopsy bunny was also T’s plus one at our wedding.

Flopsy bunny has enjoyed many of T’s adventures so far with us shes been to Spain, France, Carribean, Austria and many places throughout the UK, being so well traveled we have done well for her to survive so long without going missing.  Recently though we flew to Cannes and left the beloved Flopsy bunny at Cannes airport.  She was devastated and so were we, how could we have lost Flopsy.  As soon as we got back I called the airport who confirmed it was there so my husband set about a rescue mission and posted about Flopsy’s unfortunate circumstances on a flying forum

“On the way back we left my daughters favorite teddy in the airport, its a grey rabbit and the airport have confirmed it is still there… all alone… and it can’t even speak french!  Is anyone flying to Cannes anytime soon who would like to help on a rescue mission to bring flopsy rabbit back to the UK?”

London Executive Aviation were in Cannes over the weekend and were alerted to the forum post by one of their pilots who offered to fly Flopsy Bunny back to the UK.  Flopsy was brought back to safety and back to the arms of T who was delighted to have her back.  We can not thank www.flylea.com enough.  Next time I may just get my husband to leave me – then maybe I can fly back via private jet 🙂

www.flylea.com legacy jet

Flopsy Bunny Flying back to the UK on a Legacy Jet

I hope you’ve enjoyed this story of my own experience, I wanted to highlight that at ToyBoxLive we understand that if your child falls in love with a toy they may not want to send it back which is why we give you the option to buy the toy at a discounted rate.

Missing Toy Comes Home

I’m looking forward to many more happy adventures with Flopsy Bunny and hopefully no more rescue missions.